Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is part of a growing revolution in the health field that is urgently needed in America today. It is a holistic, science-based approach to wellness rooted in the philosophy that the health problems of today’s society are the result of poor nutrition in the body. This preventative, natural form of health care addresses the fundamental causes of health concerns rather than the symptoms alone. You may already be eating a very appropriate diet, but if you are not digesting properly or are under stress, you may not be getting what you need from your food.


Here’s where you’ll find Client Forms, links to Local and Sustainable Food Sources and Non-Toxic Products for personal care, cleaning, pest control, lawn and garden; links to Health and Wellness Sites I follow, Specialty Diet and Whole-foods Recipe Sites and Informational Documents. Included is a Shop Wisely page linked to Amazon with recommended Nutrition and Wellness Books and Cookbooks, Food Preparation Tools, hard to find Food and Grocery items.

The Blog

Clean Up Your Plate!
July 5, 2015

What if the key to you losing weight, clearing up your digestive woes, having more energy, lifting your brain fog, and managing chronic health conditions was in your control?

Well, it actually is! And it’s pretty simple. It’s about changing habits to “clean” up your plate!